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جولدسميث ، جامعة لندن
جولدسميث ، جامعة لندن


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جولدسميث ، جامعة لندن


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Chin-Yueh Bursary
Scholarship Name Chin-Yueh Bursary
Academic Year 2023
Scholarship amount £2,000
Nationality Any

This award is given in memory of Chin-Yueh Hsu who was a student on the MA Dance Movement Psychotherapy programme at Goldsmiths. Chin-Yueh died just after completing her final draft submissions after a long illness and graduated posthumously in 2015. This award is to honour her contribution to the MA Dance Movement Psychotherapy community, in which her commitment, determination and sensitivity to others were greatly valued.


Applications are sought for a bursary of £2,000 which will be awarded to an international student enrolled on the  programme. The bursary is intended to support an individual international student who is experiencing unavoidable financial hardship and who can demonstrate the quality of their performance on the program through their attendance, engagement and commitment. 

Number available : 01

Eligibility criteria

In order to submit an application for the award, you must be: 

  • An international student studying MA Dance Movement Psychotherapy.

  • A continuing student.

Priority will be given to students demonstrating some or all of the following:

  • Levels of unavoidable financial hardship.

  • High levels of individual punctuality and attendance.

  • Strong performance on the programme in terms of commitment and determination.

  • Extra-curricular contribution to the MA DMP community at Goldsmiths.

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